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Company Profile

As a professional translation company that was founded by returned talents after studying abroad, Shanghai Boyu Translation Co., Ltd registered at the Industrial & Commercial Bureau of Shanghai Municipality, with the No.: 3101122096484. As a well-recognized translation service unit appointed by the municipal governmental authorities, Shanghai Boyu Translation Co., Ltd. has its special seal of both Chinese and English archived at Shanghai Notary Public Office, with certification No.: (2005) H.Z.N.J.Z.No. 10101.

Shanghai Boyu Translation Co., Ltd. boasts professional translators in various fields as well as 4,161 proficient translators from such prestigious universities as Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of International Business and Economics, of which there are 327 key translators, and at least two proofreaders in each professional field. Its translation services cover more than 40 fields, encompassing business & trade, law, finance, IT, medicine & pharmacy, machinery, chemical engineering, automobile, architecture, real estate, etc. Quality control is always highlighted in the daily operation of the company: Compared with the press level quality control index: translating error and omission rate within 1°, minor diction error rate within 2°, Shanghai Boyu Translation Co., Ltd. boasts the quality control index as follows: translating error and omission rate within 2°, minor diction error rate within 5°, reference level quality control index obvious error rate within 5° and small error rate (minor diction error) within 10°. In the actual business operation of the company, prior to the translation services, the company has cautiously analyzed the customer demand and then agreed to a common understanding with them on quality, translated manuscript delivery date and the price, and thus the customer satisfactory index has been greatly improved.

The company consists of Marketing Department, Personnel Department, Translation Department, Finance Department, Collation Department, Graphic Design Department, with standardized corporate operating process and strict quality control system. Shanghai Boyu Translation Company Co., Ltd. commits itself to providing professional translation services for government units, public institutions, domestic and foreign invested companies and individuals.

For customers within Shanghai municipality, document reception and version delivery at doorstep are available, and so does free trial translation (within 200 characters). The company provides services in 24 hours all day.
Service Range:

Document Translation:

Translation of commercial, technical and lawful documents: contract, technical documentation, bidding materials, product manual, company profile, research report, document for going abroad, notary document, resume and literary and artistic works.

Translation of Video-tapes:

relevant service range includes: translation of captions of video-tapes and VCDs, simultaneous audio recording and multi-media production and CD making supporting different formats and software background.

Translation of Webpages :

computer software translation, compilation, testing and other Chinesization services.

Website Chinesization:

website construction and chinesization, translation of Chinese language wepages and website maintenance.


translation and interpretation for international conferences and commercial negotiations, and simultaneous interpretation for large-scale international conferences.

Publication Translation:

translation of professional publications

English Writing:

writing services of dissertation, academic thesis, commercial correspondence, plans for studying abroad, bidding documents, etc. Typesetting and typewriting of Chinese and Foreign languages: PDF, PAGEMAKER, FRAMEMAKER, FREEHAND, ILLUSTRATOR and other typesetting formats are provided with related document binding, printing services, etc.

Specialty Categories:

Finance and economics, machinery, chemical engineering, IT, medicine & Pharmacy, medical apparatus, geography, international trade, insurance, finance, aviation, architecture, marine, foodstuff, environmental protection, law, electronics, telecommunication, automobile, real estate, literature, advertisement, and logistics, etc.

Translation Language Classification:

English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Romanian, Farsi, Thai language, Vietnam Language, Mongolian, Czechoslovakia Language, Denish, Swedish, Serbo-Croatian Language, Oneida Language, Malaysia Language, Indonesia Language, Laos Language, Burmese Language, Dutch, Ukraine Language, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Greece Language, Urdu, Arabic, Poland Language, Norwegian, Irish, Bulgaria Language, and Cambodia Language, etc.


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Telephone : (+86)021-56388232/56387892 , Email : by@boyuonline.com
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